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Taobao haul that arrived while I was o’seas! Yay for things >3

Photo of costume from Japan Expo! 

Sakizo Illustrations~ Romantic Jewels Gentlemen 
Sapphire/ Zimiel
Photo/ Renka


Cosplay GEN #07 featuring Zimiel (AU)

Zimiel from Australia entered the world of cosplay right through the front door, at the competition for the Australian qualifiers for World Cosplay Summit. Since then she continued making amazing cosplays and she doesn’t intend to stop soon. With a preference for male characters to cosplay, she surely has an exquisite range of choices, from Mushishi’s Ginko up to Yogi from Karneval.

Zimiel as Ginko (Mushishi).
Photo by renka.

CosplayGen #7 feature!! *O*

Where did you photoshoot your Kamisama Hajimemashita cosplay? That place is GORGEOUS and since I'm heading to australia for vacations I thought maybe I could photoshoot there ;-;

ahhh yeah it was so pretty! It’s actually a ryokan~ a guesthouse in the suburb of Balmain in Sydney! So you could ask permission for a shoot I guess? ^^

You were always very beautiful, now and before your diet. Please take care of yourself, you're a huge cosplay role model to me. <3

Thank you! I do take care of myself ^_^

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I just watched some of The Five Star Stories last night. I think you would make an amazing Emperor Amaterasu! You would be perfect for many of the characters from that anime/manga actually.

hoooo really? All the chara designs in that series are like super elongated and skeletal 8’D But such cool designs! *A* I should definitely add it to my reading list >3<

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Your Anri cos is amazing! How did you make Anri's armor (?) stuff? The disks around his hips aren't drawn clearly so I'm confused on how to go about making it @w@

Thank you!! ;3;;; I’m really proud of it, so that means a lot! <333

Yeah, they’re sort of hard to tell from the different refs, so I just extrapolated from what I could work out combined with what I thought just looked cool! I used a mix of jewellery-making pieces I threaded together with beads and decorative cord, and craft foam heat-moulded and decorated with puff paint ^_^

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Hello, Zimiel! I'm sorry if this comes off as rude, but I'm really worried! >n< You seem so slim and slender compared to before! Have you perhaps been working out or...? Have a wonderful day!

I didn’t think I was /that/ fat before…TAT;; I guess this is definitely an improvement then!! I have been dieting very hard for around 8 months! ^o^

I am definitely not dieting any more though, eating healthily and very happy with how I look, and taking care of myself <3 Thank you for asking ^^

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You're so cool-looking. Love your blog! :)

uoohh thank you so much! ;A; ;//;

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//whispers// You're such a cutie I think I'm in love <33

eehhhh ///blussshhh ;3; *chu*

This might be a stupid question but do lolita clothing items only come in one size? I want to start wearing Ouji lolita (thats how I found your blog in the first place) and Im afraid Im too big for it. Ive looked around and I cant find different sizes and Im not even sure how ordering things even works. Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated ^^

Yeah, they’re pretty much all just one size~ the sizing is pretty generous though?? I always have to take things in ^^

Ordering would depend on where you’re buying from…some brand stores have international shipping, but most you’ll need to use a shopping service/agent. Second hand brand stores ship internationally!

Sorry, I don't want to sound rude but did you stop uploading fullset photoshoots at your blog?

I actually didn’t think anyone ever looked at it! I haven’t been able to update it in ages because I just simply haven’t had time to sit and edit full sets of photos…and now my backlog has become sooo enormous TAT;

I do try and upload photosets on tumblr though! I have done so for all my shoots ^o^

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