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Maybe this way I won’t get so many people asking me the same thing 8’D Gonna sticky post this on my blog so it’s easy to find~ if you have any questions anytime that *aren’t* on here, please feel free to ask! >3<

Are you male or female?

Female. Kinda astonished that people ask this…’orz…

Do you make your own costumes?

Yep! Unless it’s like a plain white shirt and jeans or something, then it seems kinda pointless lol.

Where do you buy wigs/contacts from?

Wigs from taobao mainly (I buy through an agent), contacts from honeycolor.com

What is your natural hair/eye colour?

Dark brown for both

Where do you buy your ouji clothes from?

Mainly from on-selling stores like closet child and fururun, or from the actual brand stores in Japan.

What is your sexual orientation?

Currently in a same-sex relationship. Not sure why this matters.

How do you make your costumes?

Never sure how to answer this…it differs? I mainly draft my own patterns though, based a lot on existing pieces of clothing, or else I just trial-and-error until the shape is right 8’D (not a pro lol)

Do you use makeup for cosplay?

LOL yes. Anyone who doesn’t is a fool. I think makeup is by far the most important part of making a cosplay look good.

Why don’t you cos more female characters?

Mainly because I don’t suit most of them…they tend to be very small/cutesy and I’m just not lol. That or I really don’t like the characters…the majority of female characters in Japanese manga/anime or pathetic/annoying/purely there for boob-value. There are quite a few epic female charas who I’d like to cos~ some I will get around to doing, and some I just don’t think I’d suit ^_^

March 20, 2013 at 11:46

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